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Dexter THE 9 ST Womens Bowling Shoes Peach/Silver

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Dexter THE 9 ST Women's Bowling Shoes Peach/Silver

**Extra Soles and Heels are NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately**

Advanced Features:

  • Patented Toehold Hyperflex Engineering 
  • Total Interchangeable Sole & Heel Construction 
  • Right or Left Convertible 
  • Breathable Strike-Knit Upper Construction 
  • Strobal Construction for Increased Flexability 
  • Molded Midsole with Classic Raised Shank & Heel 
  • Molded External Heel Stabilizer 
  • On Shoe (Removable): THS7 Slide Sole, H5 ST, THT2 Traction Sole, H2 UB 
  • 1 Shoe Protector Included